CX Cloud Asset Group Creation

Dynamic Asset Management Unleashed: Super Admins to Experience Revolutionary Rule-Based Group Updates
Project Overview
This project revamps the Asset Group Creation process by shifting from a static filter-based system to a dynamic, rule-based approach. Designed for the Super Admin user, the new method ensures Resource Groups automatically update with any changes to their assets, offering a more streamlined and efficient management experience.
My Contributions
  • Project Kickoff, intake, and discovery
  • User Research
  • UX & UI Design
  • User testing

Start with why...

While the current process for creating Asset Groups was functional, it was also perceived as cumbersome due to its static nature, where newly formed groups failed to reflect modifications or additions to assets automatically. This meant that any updates to assets required manual adjustments to the groups, making the process time-consuming as assets must be selected individually. Furthermore, the pagination feature in the asset table could obscure selected assets, adding to the inefficiency as users navigate through pages.

Research Objectives & Methodology

What we fount out

Design Iterations

Lo-fi Mockups